Monday, 31 December 2012

Bookplates 71- 80

This is a selection of the 80 bookplates that I have engraved in wood and printed in Victorian handpresses. I have also included details from the finished work as well as from the design drawings and engraved woodblocks.

You can find out more about wood engraving and see my work on my website:

I am always very happy to talk about designing and engraving a bookplate for you to use yourself or for a gift. My work is always be in demand and there is usually a wait of at least a couple of months, sometimes more. However, I can sometimes fit work in if it is for a special event. Contact me at andyenglish@btinternet*dot*com.

I have arranged the bookplates in groups of ten, starting with the most recent.

 Bookplate 71
 Wood Engraving 75 x 50 mm

The tower of Montaigne in Perigord, France, 
with his skeptical motto "What Do I Know?"
Here is a detail:

Bookplate 72

Wood Engraving 94 x 80 mm

This complex image was a challenge, both n the design 
and the engraving. I enjoy a challenge!
Here is part of the engraved block:

Bookplate 73

Wood Engraving 67 x 50 mm

The owner of this plate and I both appreciate the bookplates
 of the Italian engraver Italo Zetti and I used several elements 
from Zetti's work in this design.

Bookplate 74

Wood Engraving  100 x 75 mm

An orrery for a scientist.

Bookplate 75
 Wood Engraving 70 x 70 mm

The S.S. Normandie and Jack Russel terriers, set against 
a historic New York skyline. Here is a detail:

Here is a detail of the engraved block:

Bookplate 76
  Wood Engraving 75 x 50 mm

A Cornish coastal landscape.

 Bookplate 78

Wood Engraving 75 x 50 mm

Castel Coch in S. Wales. I have included some of the motifs 
from architect William Burgess' wonderful designs.
Here is part of my final drawing:

Bookplate 79
 Wood Engraving 75 x 50 mm

A corgi, a short haired cat and a reference to 
Roald Dahl in the open book. I enjoyed making 
this bookplate very much. Here is a detail:

Here is part of the pen and ink drawing:

and here, the partly engraved block:

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