Friday, 28 December 2012

Bookplates 11 - 20

Bookplate 13
 Wood Engraving 100 x 74 mm

Bookplate 14

Wood Engraving 100 x 75 mm
"An English Landscape"

Bookplate 15

  Wood Engraving 150 x 75 mm

This is a fanciful re imagining of part of our garden. 
I used the tall, thin format for several garden engravings at this time.
The nude in the book is after the Italian engraver Italo Zetti.
Here is a detail:

Bookplate 16
 Wood Engraving 64 x 50 mm

A hare watches the moon
The constellation is "Lepus" (The Hare)
Here is a detail:


Bookplate 18
Wood Engraving 87 x 65 mm

Bookplate 19

Wood Engraving 100 x 75 mm

This plate was put into books gifted to libraries in memory of the deceased.
There are several elements hidden in the composition.

Bookplate 20

Resingrave Engraving 52 x 50 mm

For a friend and colleague.

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