Saturday, 29 December 2012

Bookplates 31 - 40

Bookplate 32

Wood Engraving 75 x 50 mm

The quotation is from Walt Whitman

Bookplate 33 

 Wood Engraving 75 x 50 mm

Engraved for Joan on our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
The most detailed work that I have done.
There are many hidden symbols and references.
One of my favourites. Here is a detail:

Bookplate 35

Wood Engraving 50 x 50 mm

For a fellow printmaker

Bookplate 36
Wood Engraving 25 x 50 mm

In memory of Brian North Lee, who was the first 
person to write seriously about my bookplates.

Bookplate 40

Wood Engraving 75 x 100 mm

This was my second bookplate for Piet. He commissioned
four artists to create the four seasons in bookplates. 
This is a favourite view of mine and the bookplate 
is also one of my favourites.

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