Saturday, 29 December 2012

Bookplates 41 - 50

Bookplate 42

Wood Engraving 100 x 75 mm

A large plate reflecting the owner's interests.

Bookplate 43
 Wood Engraving 100 x 75 mm

 This image centres on the three hares motif and also 
features wild strawberries and unfurling fern fronds.
The design "floats" on a star field. It is another favourite 
of mine; I particularly enjoyed engraving the uncial lettering.

Bookplate 47
Wood Engraving 75 x 50 mm

This design features Californian quails

Bookplate 48

Wood Engraving 50 x 50 mm

Melissa is from the Greek μέλι "honey"
This was a very special project as it was 
commissioned by and for a friend.

Bookplate 49

Wood Engraving 75 x 50 mm

This is an unusual bookplate. It was commissioned to accompany 
an article featuring my work in the Americal Express "Centurian" 
magazine, published in China and South East Asia. One hundred 
numbered bookplates were printed for readers. Here is a detail:

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